152. How We See Nullification and the Tenth Amendment Applied Today with Shane Trejo

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Episode Summary

Shane Trejo joins Adam Camac to discuss the Tenth Amendment, nullification, decentralization, and how we see nullification used today with marijuana legalization, opposing the war on drugs, fighting against NSA surveillance, right to try laws, and more.

About the Guest

Mr. Trejo is the founder and state director of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center. He is the National Campaign Lead for Peace on Our Streets, which is an organization dedicated to promoting marijuana and industrial hemp reform in state legislatures across the United States. He previously was the National Campaign Lead for the OffNow Project, and he still contributes to the OffNow Project.

You can follow his work via the Tenth Amendment Center and the OffNow Project. You can find him on the Facebook pages for the Tenth Amendment Center and the OffNow Project.

Biographical information is from blogtalkradio.com.

Movie Mentioned
1. Dallas Buyers Club

Resources Mentioned
1. Tenth Amendment Center
2. Tenth Amendment Center’s Tenther Blog
3. Shane Trejo’s Tenth Amendment Center Archive
4. Michigan Tenth Amendment Center
5. Peace on Our Streets
6. OffNow Project

Upcoming Event Mentioned
1. Mises Institute Event in San Diego, California (February 25, 2017)

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