135. How to Drastically Lower Healthcare Costs with Dr. Josh Umbehr

Friday, November 25, 2016

Episode Summary

Dr. Josh Umbehr joins Adam Camac to discuss the American healthcare system, his direct care medical practice, and how his practice allows for lower costs and higher quality care.

About the Guest

Dr. Umbehr operates a concierge direct care family medical practice in Wichita, where he is a family physician.

You can follow his work at Iamdirectcare.com, via Atlas MD, on the Atlas MD Blog, and by listening to the Atlas MD Podcast. You can also check out his practice in Wichita. You can find him on Facebook and on Twitter.

Biographical information is from atlas.md.

Resources Mentioned
1. Iamdirectcare.com
2. Atlas MD
3. Atlas MD Blog
4. Atlas MD Podcast
5. Atlas MD Wichita Practice
6. Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation
7. DPC (Direct Primary Care) Frontier
8. Atlas MD Direct Care Curriculum

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