84. Defending Deflation with Dr. Philipp Bagus

Friday, June 24, 2016

Episode Summary

Dr. Philipp Bagus joins Adam Camac to discuss deflation, its causes, its consequences, how different schools of economic thought view deflation, and key historical examples of deflation.

About the Guest

Dr. Bagus is a professor of economics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and is the author of In Defense of Deflation. He is also the author of The Tragedy of the Euro and, most recently, is a co-author of Blind Robbery!: How the Fed, Banks, and Government Steal Our Money.

You can follow his work at philippbagus.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Biographical information is from philippbagus.com.

Books Mentioned
1. In Defense of Deflation by Philipp Bagus
2. The Tragedy of the Euro by Philipp Bagus
3. Blind Robbery!: How the Fed, Banks, and Government Steal Our Money by Philipp Bagus and Andreas Marquart

Related Article
1. Deflation: When Austrians Become Interventionists by Philipp Bagus (July 20, 2005)

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