11. Answering Critics of a Gold Standard with Dr. Joe Salerno

Friday, March 11, 2016

Episode Summary

Dr. Joe Salerno joins Adam Camac and Daniel Laguros to discuss what a gold standard is, the history of the gold standard in the United States, and the problems with common objections to a gold standard.

About the Guest

Dr. Salerno is Academic Vice President of the Mises Institute, a professor of economics at Pace University, and the John V. Denson Professor of Economics at Auburn University. He is editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the author of Money: Sound and Unsound.

You can follow Dr. Salerno’s work on the Mises Institute’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Biographical information is from mises.org.

Picture is from mises.org.

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Books Mentioned
1. Money: Sound and Unsound by Joe Salerno
2. What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray Rothbard
3. The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar by Murray Rothbard
4. Money and Freedom by Hans Sennholz

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