87. How to Cure the Heroin Epidemic with Dr. Mark Thornton

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Episode Summary

Dr. Mark Thornton joins Adam Camac to discuss the heroin epidemic and his article, The Legalization Cure for the Heroin Epidemic.

About the Guest

Dr. Thornton is Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute and a former member of the graduate faculty at Auburn University. He is the Book Review Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and author or editor of The Economics of Prohibition, Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War, The Quotable Mises, and The Bastiat Collection.

You can follow Dr. Thornton’s work on Twitter, the Mises Institute’s Facebook page, and the Mises Institute’s website.

Biographical information is from mises.org.

Articles Mentioned
1. The Legalization Cure for the Heroin Epidemic by Mark Thornton (March 28, 2016)
2. Transparency or Deception: What the Fed Was Saying in 2007 by Mark Thornton (June 15, 2016)
3. Review Essay: Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception by George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller by Mark Thornton (June 16, 2016)

Books Mentioned
1. The Economics of Prohibition by Mark Thornton
2. Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War by Mark Thornton and Robert Ekelund
3. The Quotable Mises edited by Mark Thornton
4. The Bastiat Collection edited by Mark Thornton

Resources Mentioned
1. Mises Institute
2. Mises Wire blog
3. Mises Daily Articles
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