136. US-Russia Relations and the New McCarthyism of the US Mainstream Media with James Carden

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode Summary

James Carden joins Adam Camac to discuss his article, The West’s Media Delusions, relations between the United States and Russia, what he identifies as the new McCarthyism, western mainstream media outlets, and Russian political programming and media outlets.

About the Guest

Mr. Carden is a contributing writer for The Nation and the executive editor for the American Committee for East-West Accord. He was previously an advisor on Russia to the Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs at the US State Department. His work has also appeared in The American Conservative and The National Interest.

You can follow his work via the American Committee for East-West Accord, his archive with The Nation, and Consortiumnews.com.

Biographical information is from thenation.com.

Picture is from mondoweiss.net.

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Resources Mentioned
1. American Committee for East-West Accord
2. Johnson’s Russia List
3. Jeffrey Carr’s Medium Archive
4. James Carden’s Consortiumnews.com Archive
5. James Carden’s The Nation Archive

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