149. Understanding the Basics of Net Neutrality and Alternative Viewpoints with Berin Szoka

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Episode Summary

Berin Szoka joins Adam Camac to discuss what net neutrality is, the problems it is supposed to solve, its current status, the government-created barriers to entry that affect the net neutrality debate, how the common carrier concept fits into this debate, and other attempts by governments to regulate and control the internet.

About the Guest

Mr. Szoka is the president and founder of TechFreedom. He was previously a senior fellow and the director of the Center for Internet Freedom at The Progress and Freedom Foundation. He has also practiced internet and communications law.

You can follow his work at Techfreedom.org and via the Tech Policy Corner page on Medium. You can find him on social media via the TechFreedom Facebook page and via the TechFreedom Twitter account.

Biographical information is from techfreedom.org.

Picture is from nab.org.

Podcast Mentioned
1. Tech Policy Podcast

Dissent Mentioned
1. Former Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell’s 2010 Net Neutrality Dissent

Resources Mentioned
1. TechFreedom
2. Tech Policy Podcast
3. Tech Policy Corner on Medium
4. Berin Szoka’s TechFreedom Archive

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