65. What to Make of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Views with Scott Horton

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Episode Summary

Scott Horton joins Adam Camac and Daniel Laguros to discuss Donald Trump, his foreign policy views, his big foreign policy speech, and how he should approach foreign policy in a potential matchup with Hillary Clinton.

About the Guest

Mr. Horton is the host of the Scott Horton Show, which mostly focuses on foreign policy topics, and assistant editor for antiwar.com.

You can follow his work and listen to his show at scotthorton.org. You can also find him on Twitter. Click here for more information on where to listen to the Scott Horton Show. You can listen to his speeches by clicking here.

Biographical information is from scotthorton.org.

Books Mentioned
1. By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer by Victor Ostrovsky
2. Ron Paul’s Reading List for Rudy Giuliani

Resources Mentioned
1. Scott Horton Show
2. Antiwar.com
3. News.antiwar.com
4. Scott Adams’ Blog

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